Seafood Restaurants: Crave For Dining

Fresh Sea Food

Dubai is a place known to be home to riches. But it was not like that some twenty years ago. There were no tall buildings, expensive hotels, luxury vehicles and the likes.  It was all bucolic living, seafaring and goat herding.  Then, was a lot of crude oil discovered and …

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Enjoy a Healthy Life by Introducing Seafood in your Diet

Fresh Seafood

Oceans are a generous supply of foods rich in vitamins. This is obvious from the fact that a large number of people all around the world depend on the seas and oceans as a primary source of food. Globally speaking, seafood is richer in protein compared to sheep, poultry, and …

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Benefits of Eating Seafood

Seafood is Good

What comes to your mind when you hear “you must eat healthily”? Do you see yourself surrounded by fruits and vegetables? If so, you should know that having a healthy life in terms of eating habits does not involve a focus only on vegetables and fruits. There are a lot …

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Various Types of Seafood


When you are on vacation in Dubai there are lots of things to do, but what to eat. If you are omnivorous than seafood could be relished. For centuries, seafood has been the top ingredient of eastern and western civilization. People across the world enjoy the delicious seafood and take …

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Seafood Is Good For You

Fresh Fish

Fish is the most widely consumed meat all over the planet. All health experts agree that “seafood is good for you.” Fish can be one of the best diet foods in the market. Fish is a low-fat food with a high protein level that provides a number of health benefits. …

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Get Healthy With Fresh Sea Food

Healthy Sea Food

Food is the best source of energy and without food, human beings cannot survive. There are some basic needs that a human being requires in order to survive in this world. Among all the needs, food is one of the most significant. It helps in the growth of an individual …

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Tips on how to grill seafood

dubai seafood restaurants

It is very hard to deny the luxury of eating a perfectly cooked steak in Dubai, but what really highlights your repertoire is the art of knowing how to grill seafood. It definitely is difficult to grill the same but not impossible. The best of the chefs claim that there …

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